A brief introduction to the production process of corroded metal signs


Corroded metal signs are also called etching signs. Emb […]

Corroded metal signs are also called etching signs. Embossed metal signs or indented metal signs are mainly processed in three steps of masking, etching, and post-processing.

Manufacturing process of corroded metal signs:

1) Blanking: According to the size required by the drawing (page size), plus a burr of no less than 5mm on all sides. The 720 type foot-operated shearing machine is used for shearing, which requires a smooth surface and no margins around it.

2) Surface treatment of metal corrosion signs:

⑴Mechanical polishing: Use a 2.2-4 kilowatt polishing machine to mechanically polish the wool. The cloth wheel uses a 300-350 motor with a speed of 2000-3000 revolutions/min.

(2) Alkali treatment: Boil the metal plate with 10-15% sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution at 65-85°C for 10-30 seconds, then wash it with clean water and immerse it in a 5% bivalent acid aqueous solution.

⑶ Powder treatment method: Use a flat brush to dip the old powder (double powder) to scrub the ears with a uniform cross method until the stain is removed or the oxygen skin is removed, and then sealed with 5% potassium dichromate aqueous solution .

⑷ Wire-drawing treatment method: use mechanical or manual wire-drawing method to wire-draw the metal surface to achieve the metal surface regeneration effect.