Advantages of resin characters


1) Resin characters do not need to be spliced when maki […]

1) Resin characters do not need to be spliced when making large fonts, so the appearance of super large fonts and patterns is much higher than that of spliced acrylic fonts

2) Resin characters have excellent three-proof performance (dustproof, waterproof and dustproof), which can ensure the display effect of the font when used in some special situations

3) The use time is long, and the colors are diverse, which can meet the needs of common billboard font production in the market

4) The luminous effect is good. Many people find that the luminescence is uneven when making luminous characters, so the aesthetics is greatly reduced. Therefore, the use of resin characters not only has a good luminous effect, but also has higher brightness than traditional products

5) The use of resin characters will not cause explosion or combustion, and users can use it with confidence, and it is safe and non-hazardous

6) It can be mixed with other materials, compared to inlaid in stone, and the effect of using in water will not be affected