Color in logo design


The color in the signage is a dynamic visual element in […]

The color in the signage is a dynamic visual element in the process of people's visual perception. It has a strong visual impact. Human beings are influenced by various visual images from the outside world, such as the shape, location, and characteristics of objects. Color and the relationship between light and shade of various colors are determined. Among the various factors that objects produce to people's vision, color is the aspect that causes people's vision early, followed by the shape and texture of the object. The judgment of the shape and texture of the object is also based on the visual perception of color.

The color in the sign-oriented system is an important means of its systematicness and recognizability, and it is also an important aspect of achieving coordination with the environment. In addition, colors also have rich emotions. Different colors can bring people different visual and psychological feelings. Even after long-term fixed use, certain colors have formed a fixed connotation in people’s minds and have been given Has a special symbolic meaning.

Color includes the three basic attributes of hue, brightness and purity. As an objective existence in nature, color itself does not have emotional inclinations. However, in the process of people's understanding and transformation of the objective world, various colors are gradually given different emotional colors, and different colors can give people different psychological feelings. In the design process of the logo-oriented system, if the physical attributes of the color and the impact of the color on the human psychology and emotions are fully utilized, the environment can be improved to a certain extent by changing the spatial scale and proportions. Mark the visual effect of the guidance system and the environment.