Design Ideas and Points for Attention of School Guidance System Signs


When people arrive in an unfamiliar environment, the mo […]

When people arrive in an unfamiliar environment, the most basic question for addressing and asking for directions is "Where am I?" "Where am I going?" "How do I go?" They are used to traditional "look", "listen" and "ask". "Answer" way, I hope to get a very simple and intuitive answer. The design of the signage of the campus guidance system should be divided into functional areas based on the overall plan, and the sign design should be designed with hierarchical retrieval, organic combination of graphics and text, and effective and beautiful three-dimensional modeling, in order to achieve clear, intuitive, continuous use and uniformity. , Fusion, and humanized artistic effects. It is true that a person who has never been to the campus can easily find the destination without asking anyone by relying on the guide sign system with reasonable layout, complete information and clear instructions.

The following points should be paid attention to when designing the signage of the school guidance system:
1. Unification with the school image system.
2. Consistent with the overall image design principles of the campus. Establish a flow of people and vehicle flow guidance system, which is independent, supplementary and interconnected, and jointly build a school public information guidance system sign.
3. Continuing the concept of campus planning and design, and uniting with the style of campus landscape design.
4. Hierarchical retrieval. The signage of the guidance system shall be classified from the global to the local, and from the local to the specific. The instructions shall be clear, intuitive and continuous.
5. The content of the sign should follow the principle of putting people first and serving others.
6. The materials used in the signboard should be adapted to the local climate and humanistic environment.
7. The layout of traffic signs should be reasonable.
8. In line with the principles of ergonomics. The size, color, and text size of the sign should be described in detail from the perspective of ergonomics, and the national standards should be given as a reference.
9. The shape, specification and color of the traffic guidance system signs conform to the road traffic signs and markings.
10. Symbols and characters must comply with internationally accepted standards, and be accompanied by English and other foreign languages ​​to meet the needs of international education development.