Do you know resin signs?


Do you know resin signs? The luminous sign made of resi […]

Do you know resin signs?

The luminous sign made of resin material has low cost, good quality, strong brightness and low cost. Can make three-dimensional multi-color nesting effect

Compared with blister word acrylic word:

⒈Resin signs can have luminous characters all over the body and side luminous characters that are not illuminated on the front

⒉No need for large-scale equipment such as blister machines, cutting plotters, etc., reducing production investment costs

⒊ Adjustable and any color, not fixed several colors

⒋ The production site is not required much, 10 square meters can also be used

⒌ Traditional blister acrylic production of multi-layer color nesting requires the production of multiple sets of molds, which doubles the cost.

The production time and production cost of resin luminous characters with multi-layer color nesting and ordinary monochrome luminous signs are the same.