Do you know the printing steps in silk screen printing?


The quality of screen printing and the thickness of the […]

The quality of screen printing and the thickness of the ink layer are closely related to the thickness of the screen, the viscosity of the ink, the hard filling of the squeegee, the angle, and the plate making method.

1. Silk plate and positioning: aluminum plate material is positioned with three points. When color printing, first print the light color, then print the dark color.

2. The distance between the printing plate and the substrate is 1-2 mm. The size of the distance is related to the selection of the screen. The nylon screen has good elasticity and great flexibility, generally 2-3 mm.

3. Polyurethane rubber plate for scraper, the hardness is 70-75 degrees, the thickness is 8-9 mm, the angle of the scraper during printing is 70 degrees, and the speed of the scraper should be in a straight line at a uniform speed.

4. Appropriate protective film: After printing, in order to avoid trauma during cutting and transportation, the surface should be pasted with a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film, and the back should be pasted with double-sided tape.

5. Cutting: With a small shearing bed, the forming can be punched by hole positioning or edge positioning.