How to make stainless steel luminous characters?


How to make stainless steel luminous characters? basic […]

How to make stainless steel luminous characters?

basic introduction:

The stainless steel surround has mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel stainless steel luminous character decorative effect, which is particularly good for beautification, logo and advertising. The mirror stainless steel surround has a dazzling mirror, beautiful during the day and bright at night, and is the first choice for luminous character production; brushed stainless steel has a strip texture , it gives a high-end feeling.

Production steps:

1. Laser cutting literal. Cutting into basic glyphs, using laser cutting and cutting, has the following advantages: precise glyphs, no out of shape, smoother, more beautiful, and more natural transitions.

2. Cut the edge, and cut the thickness of the edge according to the thickness of the word. Saw angle, glyph spacing measurement, accurate positioning, and sawing in place, this is a key step, and it is also an important step to determine the quality of the character, especially for thick edge materials or more strokes at the corners. Make sure that the edge material is welded in place and the glyph is not out of shape.

3. Tin or argon welding edge. According to the actual situation, tin or argon welding is used. High-quality soldering should ensure that there are no small tin lumps or tin melting beads at the tin joints, so as to ensure the smooth installation of the subsequent panels (to ensure no light leakage); argon welding should ensure that there is no burn or burn through the mirror material of the surrounding edge.

4, the bottom plate welding. Stainless steel, galvanized iron sheet or Chevron board can be selected as the base material.

5. Grinding and polishing. The welding part is further processed to make the welding line surface smoother and more beautiful; the non-welding part is also polished at the same time, so as not to affect the overall smoothness.

6. Install LED lights. The LED lights should be evenly distributed on the base plate. To ensure that the lights are evenly distributed, the wire connectors should be firm, and the LED lights should be reinforced with silicone to prevent them from falling off.

7. Adhesive acrylic panel/blister and buckle. Make sure the panel and the buckle are in place and flat. In order to ensure no light leakage and no water seepage, it is necessary to use neutral silicone to seal the contact between the panel and the buckle edge (this is also a simple, effective and low-cost waterproof measure).