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How to determine the font size of the large-character sign on the roof (2)?


How to determine the font size of the large-character s […]

How to determine the font size of the large-character sign on the roof (2)?

2. Determine the larger font size according to the smallest font size

This principle is also relatively easy to understand, that is, some large characters on the roof are composed of large characters of different sizes. For example, there are two upper and lower lines. The upper line is the brand name in large characters, and the lower line is the slogan and slogan. There are primary and secondary points. Usually, the size of the first line of the brand name is relatively large, and the size of the second line of the slogan is relatively small. Before deciding on the size of the roof, it is necessary to ensure that the smaller size of the roof is acceptable. Give a clear degree of recognition and recognizability to the people within the expected audience range. After determining the size of the small-sized large-character within the radiation range of the large-character on the roof, determine the larger size according to the design plan on the premise of ensuring the overall coordination and beauty. The specific size of the large characters.

3. Determine the size by precise reference

It can be said that this rule is the most practical, and it is also simple and rude. The most feasible way is to make and print a piece of inkjet cloth in advance, and directly pull the printed inkjet cloth at the position where the large characters on the roof need to be installed. The size does not match. Reasonable, it is no problem to be accurate to a few digits after the decimal point. If you adjust the ratio of one to one, even if you can't do it once, you will only lose a piece of cloth. After the second adjustment, the precise size of the big characters on the roof is basically OK. deal.