Industry News

  • 2019

    How to identify the signage material

    When designing logos for two or more different materials, outdoor logo designers should analyze the performance of various materials from the perspective of physics to select the most suitable matching method. For example, two kinds of metal materials can be joined by electric welding, and the glass...

  • 2019

    Acrylic billboard carving

    Acrylic advertising signs are based on acrylic sheets and are formed by blanking and surface treatment techniques. The product has easy carving, easy coloring and excellent adhesion. The product has been surface treated. Therefore, it is not necessary to process the surface after the coloring of the...

  • 2019

    What are the characteristics of advertising light boxes?

    1. Outdoor advertising light boxes are highly selective to regions and consumers. Outdoor advertising light boxes can be selected according to the characteristics of the region, such as commercial street, plaza, park, community, etc. can choose different advertising expressions. 2, outdoor advertisi...

  • 2019

    Logo design function and function

    First: the signage has the function of marking. The logo design mainly expresses its function through visuals. For example, the text is conveyed, and the mark is a symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. Text styles can express character and background. Form and symbol together show symbolic an...

  • 2018

    Lamp box letter

    Lamp box letter With the development of the times, the changes of the world, the emergence of luminous letters, can give people a more brilliant and eye-catching visual sense, make the world more colorful. Front luminous letter Metal sheet is used as the shell, acrylic and other high transparent mat...