Industry News

  • 2021

    Simple method of making crystal sign

    Crystal glue must be used in the production of crystal signs. It is a modern surface decoration material, the main component is high polymer transparent resin, referred to as Component A. Epoxy acrylic resin plus catalyst, referred to as component B, is divided into soft crystal glue and hard crysta...

  • 2020

    What are the differences in the time and location of the logo?

    1. Time is different (1) Lighting: For day and night use, install a luminous tube inside the sign or install a projector inside and install a light outside the sign, etc.; (2) No lighting: There is no separate purpose for day and night use, and no lighting facilities. 2. Different locations (1) Indo...

  • 2020

    What are the classifications of signs according to their performance methods?

    1. Static identification A static sign refers to a sign type that uses a static way to sign, guide and guide. At present, most city sign guidance systems use this method. Static signs are characterized by relatively fixed locations, diversified materials used, many types of signs, and comprehensive ...

  • 2020

    What are the classification of the logo?

    Classification by function type 1. Marked mark Marking signs include environmental identification signs, descriptive signs, and public welfare signs. Other functions are mainly to mark and explain environmental information. The environmental identification mark is used to mark the name of the enviro...

  • 2020

    What are the classification of the logo?

    1. Environmental function identification Environmental function signs include environmental identification signs, descriptive signs, public welfare signs, direction-guided signs, and orientation descriptive signs. These signs are all types of signs that convey different environmental information in ...

  • 2020

    What are the types and production processes of stainless steel characters?

    Stainless steel character is a kind of metal character made by laser cutting, welding, grinding, etc. using stainless steel as raw material. The stainless steel characters adopt imported laser cutting method, coupled with precision production, will meet countless market needs. The stainless steel ch...