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  • 2020

    What are the production process and characteristics of the endless luminous characters?

    The borderless luminous characters are composed of bottom box, acrylic panel and LED waterproof light. Borderless characters inherit the advantages of resin characters, but compared to resin characters, they have a flatter surface, more convenient maintenance, better weather resistance, and are more...

  • 2020

    What are the four common production types of LED punching letters?

    The first type: positive punching The front punching characters are generally made of galvanized sheet. The thickness of the large punching characters is the standard 1.0 or 1.2. The punching forms include single-lamp punching and four-lamp punching. The machine is mainly a punching machine, and it ...

  • 2020

    What are the classification and installation methods of endless luminous characters?

    LED infinite luminous characters are composed of three parts: the front, the side and the light source; the product surface is smooth, the structure is complete, the three-dimensional effect is strong, the light-emitting surface is evenly illuminated, and the color is bright; the energy consumption ...

  • 2020

    What are the maintenance methods for the luminous characters on the roof?

    The luminous characters on the roof are generally high-altitude advertising signs. Generally speaking, as long as you choose a reputable, good-quality luminous character production company, it will rarely break within three to five years. Even if it is so, you must usually do maintenance work. Avoid...

  • 2020

    What is the difference between injection-molded luminous characters and endless luminous characters?

    One, the difference in production materials 1. The shell of the injection-molded word is formed by injection molding, and the raw material is plastic. 2. The borderless font shell is usually installed by a combination of aluminum sideband/stainless steel and pvc board/aluminum-plastic panel. The bor...

  • 2020

    What are the common lighting modes of LED luminous characters?

    LED luminous characters are luminous fonts made with light-emitting diodes as the light source. LED luminous characters are beautiful in the daytime, bright at night, energy-saving, durable and many other advantages. There are many types of LED luminous characters. Commonly used luminous characters ...