• 2020

    Basic principles of material selection for signage

    1: Principles of Visual Performance The ultimate purpose of the signboard design is for visual communication and information dissemination. Therefore, in the selection of materials, we must first consider the visual effects and the concept of performance. For example, to express traditional culture ...

  • 2020

    A brief introduction to the design of the logo process

    The identification process design is to analyze the shape, structure, function, visual effect, durability, and installation method of the signboard in the design process of the signboard, study the synthesis of various materials, and use the methods to display the signboard in the In the environment...

  • 2020

    Before choosing a processing technology, a logo designer must first

    1. Be familiar with the essential characteristics of materials 2, see more historical design case files 3. Ask colleagues and ask questions 4. See more crafting books 5. Ask a production craftsman 6.Designers should be familiar with basic craftsmanship 7. Designers should be familiar with special cr...

  • 2020

    Explanation and guidance function of the scenic spot introduction card

    The signage is visually shown to show its effect. As an explanation sign for the scenic area, it conveys travel information. The first is the introduction of the destination, the travel route and other service slogans. It enables passengers to further investigate the situation of the scenic area dur...

  • 2020

    Design considerations for shopping mall identification system

    1.Mark safe passages Generally, large and medium-sized shopping malls have entrances in different directions. Accurately identifying the location of the entrance and exit on the mall logo is also the key to improving the service efficiency of the mall. 2.Identify service centers and other public pla...

  • 2020

    The role and classification of office building signs

    First, the overall index identification When entering the office building, because the visitor is arriving for the first time, the first thing to pay attention to is the overall index of each floor, and find the target area through the overall distribution map. Second, floor identification The floor...