• 2021

    What are the basic functions of the sign?

    The basic function of the sign has two points: First, the sign has the function of marking and warning, and the sign mainly expresses its function through vision. For example: textual communication, signs are symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. The text style can express character, backgrou...

  • 2021

    Introduce you to the production method of flat metal signs?

    The flat metal sign is mainly a kind of metal sign with explanatory purpose by dissolving different colors into the film by using the method of photosensitive exposure, so that it will be displayed on the metal plate through the development method. The following are the specific process flow and for...

  • 2021

    What is the heat transfer label and its production process?

    The thermal transfer metal sign is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal sheet, and then the color picture you designed is printed on the transfer paper by inkjet printing, and it is reversed to the metal plate by heating. Made of metal signs. The production process...

  • 2021

    A brief introduction to the production process of corroded metal signs

    Corroded metal signs are also called etching signs. Embossed metal signs or indented metal signs are mainly processed in three steps of masking, etching, and post-processing. Manufacturing process of corroded metal signs: 1) Blanking: According to the size required by the drawing (page size), plus a...

  • 2021

    What are the different classifications of signs?

    Metal signs are mainly based on raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, and lead-tin alloy. They are made into nameplates, badges, badges, medals, keys through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, and baking varnish. Buckles, cap badges, hat clips, wa...

  • 2021

    What is the acrylic sign light box made of

    The round acrylic light box is a high-purity plexiglass panel. The resulting acrylic sheet has high appearance and smoothness and strong outdoor anti-ultraviolet abilities. As usual, high-purity colored acrylic sheets will not fade when placed outdoors for 8-10 years. In the advertising industry of ...