• 2020

    What are the common lighting modes of LED luminous characters?

    LED luminous characters are luminous fonts made with light-emitting diodes as the light source. LED luminous characters are beautiful in the daytime, bright at night, energy-saving, durable and many other advantages. There are many types of LED luminous characters. Commonly used luminous characters ...

  • 2020

    How to choose LED luminous characters?

    Nowadays, with the rapid development of modernization, people's lives are better than ever. Shops and businesses want to attract customers, so they choose to use luminous signs. There are many types of popular luminous characters, and each has its own unique advantages. For many people, they may not...

  • 2020

    How should metal characters be maintained?

    The metal characters have many advantages, such as bright colors, eye-catching effects, high temperature resistance, climate change resistance, resistance to deformation, resistance to fading, rain, fire, and spontaneous combustion. Metal characters include: bronze characters, iron characters, stain...

  • 2020

    How to maintain LED acrylic luminous characters?

    Acrylic luminous characters are made of high-quality transparent imported acrylic sheet. Acrylic has good light transmission, flatness and flexibility. Acrylic surface is very prone to wear and scratches, so we usually need to apply acrylic LED luminous characters. Carry out the corresponding mainte...

  • 2020

    What should be paid attention to when purchasing acrylic blister light box?

    1. If you want to buy high-quality acrylic blister light boxes, you must buy from a professional and regular manufacturer or company. This will not only ensure quality and performance, but also have different styles, materials and designs for consumer groups to choose purchase. 2. If the existing ac...

  • 2020

    What are the outdoor functions and uses of signage signs?

    The design and production of outdoor-oriented signage should be consistent with the style of scenic spot signage under the premise of serving tourists. Not only can it be convenient for tourists to find, but it also plays a huge role in promoting the image of scenic signs. The tourist road marking s...