Resin word


LED polymer luminous characters (also known as resin lu […]

LED polymer luminous characters (also known as resin luminous characters) are the latest high-tech products produced by introducing foreign advanced raw materials and technology. The fonts are cast using liquid polymer materials, which have high light transmission efficiency, strong outdoor weather resistance, UV protection, Impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, color can be customized according to customer needs, the light source is extremely low power consumption, strong visibility and other characteristics, the light source is a combination of international advanced LED technology, is a modern outdoor bright The most ideal replacement product for chemical engineering.

ONE.Resin word
Uniformity-no matter how big the surface is, there are no joints; the light is transmitted, refracted and reflected by the unique light-transmitting homogenizing layer to ensure uniform light emission on the surface;
High brightness-the brightness of the light-emitting surface can reach 500-1500MCD (depending on the color)
High efficiency-to achieve maximum light efficiency utilization through reasonable light point arrangement and effective reflection of light inside the font;
Energy saving——Long life with LED as the light source——Long life of 100,000 to 200,000 hours of LED, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-static, to ensure the best working environment of LED and maximize the life of the light source; the side strips are large-scale aluminum-plastic panels Customized by the factory, the surface paint can reach the same life span as the aluminum-plastic panel of the exterior wall;
Environmental protection-full anti-corrosion material application, no harmful gas volatilization.
Lightweight-the weight is only one-third of the pass-through blister characters, easy to install and greatly improve the safety factor at high altitude.
TWO. The difference between resin characters and other luminous characters:
1. Resin luminous characters: After casting resin into the model, the light source is put into it.
2. Blister luminous characters: After the acrylic plate is heated and pressed into characters, it is made by putting the light source inside.
3. Luminous crystal characters: After the acrylic plate is carved into the characters, it is made by putting the light source inside
4. LED luminous characters: This is a general term, LED is just a light source. Resin luminous characters, blister luminous characters, luminous crystal characters and other internal LED light sources can be called "LED luminous characters".