The difference between resin and acrylic characters


There are many types of luminous characters, such as bl […]

There are many types of luminous characters, such as blister characters, flat luminous characters, borderless characters, resin characters, etc. Although the types are divided in detail, they must be divided from the material, except for the necessary metal edges and the metal material of the bottom box. The main difference lies in the materials used in the panels, which are mainly divided into resin materials and acrylic.
Acrylic, also called PMMA or Acrylic. They are all called acrylic in English, which is actually plexiglass when translated. The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate.
Process resin, chemically named bisphenol A diglycidyl ether, is a pseudo resin product after artificial chemical reaction, and its appearance is the same as resin.
The main difference:
1. Lighting effect
The most important thing about luminous characters is the lighting effect. The effect determines the success of the logo. As the two most commonly used luminous character panel materials today, resin character products are significantly higher than acrylic character products in terms of single light effect. Because the resin layer of the resin word has a uniform light layer, it can disperse the light evenly. With the white paint treatment of the bottom box, the light will be even on the resin surface after direct radiation, refraction, and reflection, so the light effect of the resin word is better than that of the acrylic word. .
2. Weather resistance
The weather resistance of acrylic is better than that of resin. For example, under long-term direct sunlight, the resin is prone to yellowing, and in ultra-low temperature areas, the resin is also prone to cracks.
3. Appearance grade
The resin surface is formed by pouring and solidification, so the surface is convex like water droplets, and the lighting effect will increase slightly along with it. Coupled with its material factors, the surface is crystal clear, and the grade is much higher than that of acrylic materials.
4. Price comparison
Compared with the price of resin characters and acrylic characters, resin characters are still higher today. The main resin characters require relatively high technological requirements, Hong Kong-style precision craftsmanship, and a long resin solidification cycle, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, the price is more expensive than the acrylic.