What are the characteristics of parking lot signs? How to choose the material?


Material selection 1. When choosing materials for parki […]

Material selection
1. When choosing materials for parking lot signs, weather-resistant materials should be used. What kind of material is used to make the sign is an important factor that affects its service life. Since the stop sign is installed outdoors, it is often sunburned and rained, so flexible materials should be selected.
2. Reflective signs must be on the signs of the parking lot. When designing parking signs, the use of these signs should be considered, 24 hours a day at night or in the underground parking lot.
The sign board has the following characteristics:
1. Convenient and practical
For the parking sign, its appearance is not only beautiful, but also due to its wide application in installation and use, it is necessary to reduce time and save manpower as much as possible. The good brand parking sign not only has a beautiful and generous appearance design, but also has a light texture. It does not need to spend too much manpower and material resources on installation and use. The convenient and fast installation perfectly reflects its convenient and practical powerful characteristics.
2. Strong adaptability
Due to the use of wear-resistant materials, the hardness, strength, width and thickness of the parking lot sign board can pass the quality inspection and can adapt to various harsh weather and harsh environments. The parking sign will not be damaged for a long time under special circumstances.
Three, long service life
High-quality signs and signs not only have a long service life, but are also easy to maintain. They can maintain complete work instructions even through wind and sunlight. In addition to some man-made damage, the parking lot signs can also ensure that the signs can be used for a long time. Special materials greatly extend the use time and have a long service life.



Wayfinding signs for outdoor parking in public places


Wayfinding signs for outdoor parking in public places

Model Number:wayfinding signage
Craft feature:seamless welding/well polished/close inspection
Finish surface:galvanized/painted
Application:shopping mall, office, block, school, hospital, real estate