What are the classification of the logo?


1. Environmental function identification Environmental […]

1. Environmental function identification
Environmental function signs include environmental identification signs, descriptive signs, public welfare signs, direction-guided signs, and orientation descriptive signs. These signs are all types of signs that convey different environmental information in places and environments. Several types of logos each exert their unique functions and are used in conjunction with environmental needs, so as to accurately convey to the audience information that helps to understand the environment, and prompt and guide the audience's activities in the environment, so that people can communicate with the environment smoothly.

2. Road traffic signs
Road traffic signs are an essential element of the traffic system. It uses signs, markings, maps, symbols and texts to mark and explain road traffic routes to ensure the safety of road traffic and improve the smoothness of roads. the way
Traffic signs are a compulsory marking system, and there are also common international standards that require intuitiveness and conciseness to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. The road traffic sign system is synchronized with the emergence and development of the city. It is mainly planned and managed by the transportation department and the municipal department. Therefore, the design of modern road traffic sign system has been developed more mature and standardized.

3. Fire safety signs
Fire safety signs are also a classification with specific functions in the sign-oriented system. It is mainly used to convey information about fire safety and fire protection facilities in the environment, so it is a type of identification system directly related to people's life safety. Due to the importance and necessity of fire safety, city management departments will issue relevant industry standards for fire safety signs, and standardize the placement of fire safety signs, design principles and performance methods, and the maintenance and management of fire protection facilities.