What are the differences between copper relief and brass relief?


1. The characteristics of red copper relief (1) Red cop […]

1. The characteristics of red copper relief
(1) Red copper, also known as pure copper and red copper, uses a forging process.

(2) Red copper has soft texture, good ductility, and strong plasticity; good electrical conductivity (high metal content). Among them, ductility is an important characteristic of bronze sculpture decoration. Copper has a high melting point and is not easy to cast, and its good ductility makes up for this shortcoming, so it can be easily processed into various shapes.

(3) The red copper relief has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-fading, long production period, and suitable for outdoor applications. It is the most commonly used material for copper relief. Among them, the red copper embossed metal luster makes it have a calm and noble quality while expressing a sense of modernity.

2. The characteristics of brass relief
(1) The brass embossing uses a casting process.

(2) Brass reliefs usually need to be added with chemical syrup and fermented and oxidized at room temperature. It is a kind of black oxide generated by the chemical reaction of the syrup without damaging the surface of the brass, and then it is displayed by artificial technology for fine surface treatment. A variety of bronze rhyme effects.

(3) The brass relief is not easy to rust, the price is high, and the production period is long. It can be made into various series of antique colors, such as: brass antique copper, brass imitation red bronze, brass imitation bronze, brass imitation coffee copper, brass imitation gun color and other old effects.


Vintage brass metal crafts letter sign

Vintage brass metal crafts letter sign


Size Customized
Material Stainless steel
Shape Customized
Connection Welding
Picture combination Customized
Wind loading rating Strong
Useful life 10 years
Technology Tapping