What are the differences in the time and location of the logo?


1. Time is different (1) Lighting: For day and night us […]

1. Time is different
(1) Lighting: For day and night use, install a luminous tube inside the sign or install a projector inside and install a light outside the sign, etc.;
(2) No lighting: There is no separate purpose for day and night use, and no lighting facilities.

2. Different locations
(1) Indoor: set indoors, such as direction arrows, indoor reception, etc.
Indoor signage mainly refers to all kinds of signage on the exterior wall of the building and inside the building, mainly including: ①House number plate; ②House number plate; ③Floor plate; ④Floor distribution plate; ⑤Indoor direction plate; ⑥Indoor space function description Signs; ⑦Indoor publicity signs; ⑧Indoor warning signs; ⑨Evacuation plans and evacuation guide signs; ⑩Background wall signs, etc.
(2) Distinguish from materials, mainly: ① stainless steel plate; ② aluminum plate; ③ galvanized steel plate; ④ acrylic and other auxiliary materials.
(3) The structure is divided into three forms: ①personalized design; ②ordinary aluminum alloy profile; ③special aluminum alloy profile. Relatively speaking, the structure of indoor signage is relatively simple, and the materials and craftsmanship are more exquisite