What are the installation methods of stainless steel luminous characters (2)?


What are the installation methods of stainless steel lu […]

What are the installation methods of stainless steel luminous characters (2)?

The second is the glue fixed wall installation:

Generally, when the wall is relatively flat or relatively smooth, the method of nailing the wall is a little troublesome, and this glue is used to fix the wall for installation. This method is fast and not troublesome, that is, directly attach the stainless steel Stick glue on the back, usually glass glue, and then stick it directly to the wall, wait until the glass is dry. Sometimes the fonts are relatively large and heavy, and the glass glue has no time to dry. If you remove your hands, the stainless steel luminous characters will fall off, etc., and the fonts will be damaged. Use transparent glue to fix it. After the glass glue has dried, Then peel off the transparent tape.

The third is the screw-fixed wall installation:

Generally, when stainless steel luminous characters need to be installed with screws, it is because the wall that needs to be installed is rough and uneven and the adhesiveness is not good. At this time, we will use screws to fix the wall for installation. At first, when making stainless steel luminous characters, a turnbuckle will be welded on the key position of the stainless steel character's bearing capacity. During installation, an electric screwdriver will be used to force the stainless steel luminous character to be fixed on the wall. In addition, if the font itself is relatively large and heavy, generally If the wall studs cannot bear the weight of the font, they will be installed with expansion screws. However, the installation of expansion screws has a disadvantage, that is, the expansion screws themselves cannot be driven into the wall, and a hole the size of an expansion screw needs to be punched in the wall first. , and then drive the expansion screws into the wall to fix the stainless steel luminous characters. Of course, there is also a method, that is, first place the stainless steel luminous characters on the wall, use a marker to mark the position of the turnbuckle after setting the position, then remove the stainless steel luminous characters, and then drill holes with an impact drill to complete the installation. .