What are the main realization forms of outdoor advertising signs?


1. Physical model Make a physical model, magnify it sev […]

1. Physical model
Make a physical model, magnify it several times, and make it clear at a glance. The price is more expensive; suitable for a single product type
2. Soldering iron frame pull printing
(1) The main structure of the billboard with external lights is an iron frame with inkjet printing, and some have metal edging and spotlights. Such as roof billboards, column advertisements, etc. The production of large-scale billboards is a strong steel structure that is the heart of the billboard. It is unsafe without a solid steel structure for support.
(2) Inner-lit billboards are commonly known as outdoor light boxes. They are painted with different materials and built-in lamps, so that the billboards are very clear during the day and night. The light transmittance is good, uniform, and the brightness is relatively high.
3. Blister words
Blister is a kind of acrylic processing technology. The main principle is to heat the flat acrylic material to soften it, then use vacuum to absorb it on the surface of the mold, cool it, and install LED lights. The energy consumption is much lower than that of neon lights, and the night light effect is obvious .
4. Neon lights
As we all know, the brightness of neon lights is rarely surpassed by lamps. Gorgeous and eye-catching colors and features that are not particularly high in cost are the first choice for many hotels, leisure centers, entertainment cities, hotels, restaurants, and restaurants. The color is bright, the shape is good, and it can also achieve gradation, colorful gradation, shape gradation, jump change, etc. However, the power consumption is high and the maintenance cost is relatively high.
5. LED luminous characters
There are many ways of luminous characters. Different materials have different prices and different quality. The most important thing is the quality of the light. The LED is environmentally safe and safe, because it is low voltage and low maintenance costs.