What are the types and production processes of stainless steel characters?


Stainless steel character is a kind of metal character […]

Stainless steel character is a kind of metal character made by laser cutting, welding, grinding, etc. using stainless steel as raw material. The stainless steel characters adopt imported laser cutting method, coupled with precision production, will meet countless market needs. The stainless steel character is a brand-new craft, the special point is that the appearance is generous and exquisite, after polishing and polishing, it brings perfect diversified effect.
Stainless steel characters are metal characters. They are made after punching the plate. They have a strong decorative effect and good visual effects. The technology is widely used and the craftsmanship is also very advanced. Its color tone, beautiful appearance, and The superior production quality and favorable price have also met the needs of countless customers.
Stainless steel characters can be divided into two types. They are laser cutting stainless steel characters and welding stainless steel characters. The processing technology of these two stainless steel characters is different, and the effects presented are also different. The only thing in common is that stainless steel plates are used as raw materials. Let's take a look at the craftsmanship of fine stainless steel characters.
1. Laser cutting fine stainless steel characters
This kind of stainless steel character is mainly used for some indoor and outdoor signs, and the size of the stainless steel character is smaller and the thickness is relatively thin, which is mainly related to its production process. The processing method of laser cutting fine stainless steel characters is to select stainless steel plate as the raw material, and then cut the corresponding stainless steel characters from the stainless steel plate by laser cutting. Because of the unique processing method, the characters are generally solid and the natural weight will be higher. In addition, laser cutting of 20mm stainless steel plates is already very difficult, and the effect is not good, so too thick stainless steel plates cannot be processed, so this type of character is generally relatively small.
2. Welding stainless steel characters
Welding stainless steel characters is to cut a relatively thin stainless steel plate (mostly 1.5mm) through quick cutting to cut two identical characters and side strips of the required width. Then the two characters are welded to the edge strips by welding, so that the prototype of a welded stainless steel character is completed. The next step is to remove the weld scars from the welded part by grinding, and then use a manual machine or cloth to follow the original direction of the stainless steel plate to make it. The rear light refraction and scattering effects meet the needs of popular products. In addition, ordinary stainless steel has much worse rust resistance than high-quality stainless steel.