What are the ways to install and fix the identification plate


Under normal circumstances, advertising signboards are […]

Under normal circumstances, advertising signboards are installed in a conspicuous position. Whether it is facing orientation or height, it takes into account the interaction effect with the audience. Therefore, this installation and fixing link needs to have an advance plan for the construction staff

Drilling method, a large proportion of the identification plates that need to be on the wall need to be drilled. This fixing method is also relatively common and used. Usually, the installation surface is drilled according to the pre-designed size, and there is a need for embedded parts. Pre-embed in advance. If you don’t have it, you can punch holes according to the deepened design drawings. After the holes are drilled, just put the foot posts of the advertising signs directly in, and the elements are safer, and the problem can be solved by injecting additional glue;

Adhesive method. In some commercial places, some walls cannot be drilled casually. For places that need frequent replacement of advertising signs, the adhesive method is more reliable, especially in supermarkets and supermarkets. Field after field, the corresponding advertising signs need to be replaced intensively. The glue is usually easier to operate, and it will neither damage the wall nor affect the secondary layout;

The buckle method, one of the scenes has a frame structure made in advance, and the advertising sign is also made according to the corresponding size when it is designed and made, so after it is made, it can be directly snapped in. The operation method is similar to ours. When decorating the ceiling, the use of the gusset plate is to first lay the structure firmly. The gusset plate can be buckled up easily when aligning with the groove position. In some places with special requirements, the advertising sign can also be buckled. Method of installation and fixation;

If a huge advertising sign is a spiritual fortress, it is obviously unrealistic to drill holes on the ground and screw on the glue, and it can’t support it. So far, the surrounding soil or concrete is the backbone of the advertising signs to stand up. It’s unthinkable. In the process of installing and fixing advertising signs, digging holes is also a science. If the pits are digging big, the pillars can’t Forced and effectively supported, the pits are small, and the columns of the advertising signs cannot be put in