What aspects should be paid attention to in the design of signage?


Signs and signs can be seen everywhere, some are modern […]

Signs and signs can be seen everywhere, some are modern and some are more conservative and traditional. Signs and people are the same. If a person is ordinary, it is difficult for him to stand out from the crowd. The same is true for signs and signs. It is not easy to stand out among signs. First of all, it must be eye-catching in style. Then, in terms of style requirements, what is the design of the signage?

Signage design must first ensure that there are basic guiding functions, not only to attract people’s attention, but also to enable people to quickly find where they are going. This can be a lot more convenient. People find their destinations, no matter how good-looking signs and personalized signs are meaningless, because the function of indicating directions is the basic function of signs

The marking style of a set of marking system must be complete, and the color and material technology must maintain uniform characteristics. The style is too messy and fragmented, which will affect the transmission of information to a large extent, and bring difficulties to people's reading and recognition. Excessive design will bring fatigue to people's vision, and is not conducive to people's acquisition of the information they really need. Therefore, the style of the sign must be concise, the visual effect must be beautiful and generous, so that people can understand the information of the sign at a glance.

The personalization of signs and signs plays a positive role in the rapid transmission of information such as instructions and guidance. The lack of individuality and recognition of the logo style will also cause inconvenience to people's actions. Interesting style design will arouse people's great attention, bring people a happy mood, and let people query information in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere will be more conducive to people's reception and improve people's memory.