What aspects should be paid attention to in the planning and design of scenic guide signs?


How to plan and design the scenic spot signs Which aspe […]

How to plan and design the scenic spot signs Which aspects to design and plan.

Scenic guide signs can be divided into aluminum alloys, stainless steel, galvanized steel plates, wood boards, etc., according to their materials. The natural factors of the scenic spot should be considered when selecting materials for scenic guide signs, and appropriate materials should be selected to design the scenic guide signs. Currently, the most commonly used signs are The main material is stainless steel plate, and then the wood grain transfer technology is used to display the scenic spot sign, giving people a feeling of original ecology.

The choice of color can better show the service function of the sign. How to use color reasonably and boldly in the design will become the prominent point of the sign of the scenic spot. The choice of the color of the sign of the scenic spot should be based on the main color of the scenic spot. Reasonable planning and design.
modeling. The interior of the scenic spot has many unique geographical environment and cultural elements, and the shape and design style of the scenic spot signboard can make the signboard have a better artistic expression, making the overall style of the scenic spot signage integrated with the scenic spot. As a whole, it makes the entire scenic spot signage system consistent and unified. The personalized design of the scenic spot signage can not only play a role in beautifying the environment, but also improve the overall atmosphere of the scenic environment and reflect the popularity of the scenic spot. Wencare provides convenience for tourists.