What aspects should be paid attention to when making resin characters?


1. Logarithmically, check whether the character shell i […]

1. Logarithmically, check whether the character shell is damaged, and polish the front edge of the character shell;

2. Before using the lamp, check whether the labels on the lamp belt are consistent, and lamps that are not a batch can not be mixed;

3. Install the lights around the sides, install the lights at the corners, attach the lights to the bottom, and fold down the light strips, and do not fold the lights from the resistance and lamp beads;

4. Try to evenly distribute the light strips at the position of the welding wire (the length of the light strips at both ends of the welding wire position should be equal as far as possible)

5. Outdoor resin characters, the head and tail of the lamp should be welded together;

6. Use characters with more lights, and use small lines to connect the characters to ensure uniform brightness;

7. When fixing the lamp, hot melt glue and electronic silicone can not hit the lamp cap, and small strokes can be fixed with 3 seconds glue;

8. Outdoor water outlets should be checked and they should not be blocked;

9. Check again whether the position of the light strip and the welding wire are firmly fixed before filling the glue;

10. Before each set of characters are filled with glue, they are all lit and inspected with an organic board to ensure that the light is uniform and the brightness is consistent;

11. Before glue filling, check that there are no paint spots and electronic silicone at the glue filling position at the side of the word, count the number, divide the color, and send it to the glue room;

12. After the glue is filled, the edges of the words should be cleaned up, and the glue should be checked for defects (such as uneven glue surface, insufficient glue filling, etc.). If problems are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner. , Pack with pearl cotton.