What is the acrylic sign light box made of


The round acrylic light box is a high-purity plexiglass […]

The round acrylic light box is a high-purity plexiglass panel. The resulting acrylic sheet has high appearance and smoothness and strong outdoor anti-ultraviolet abilities. As usual, high-purity colored acrylic sheets will not fade when placed outdoors for 8-10 years. In the advertising industry of round acrylic light box, because of its many advantages, it has become a high-quality advertising material.

Key points for making round acrylic light box:

The first is the selection of round acrylic light boxes. The reason why acrylic blister light boxes have a higher market price is one of its important factors. At present, the unit price of acrylic sheet on the market is usually 25-30 yuan/kg. Not only the unit price is high, but the utilization rate of the whole sheet is not high during the production process, resulting in a large interest amortization. Acrylic light box is very useful for making

The second is mold making. Acrylic panels are vacuum-positioned and formed by suction and pressure. Even if it is a single word, the size difference requires a different mold. The mold making itself requires high precision and high quality. Since the precision and quality of the mold itself are directly related to the quality of acrylic products, and mold making has a high degree of craftsmanship, it is necessary to have experienced and skilled staff. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the blister light boxes on the market are constantly at a high price, and mold processing should be said to be the most important skill.

The third is post-production of round acrylic light boxes. As mentioned earlier, the acrylic blister production is basically machine-based production. The application of some new equipment arrangements improves production compliance and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. After the acrylic blister material is basically formed, several processes such as milling, milling, and polishing are required. Finally, the light box is laid with a light source and finished after baking.

The fourth is screen disposal. According to the needs of the customer, it can be directly printed by screen printing; the image is transferred to the acrylic sheet, and then formed by vacuum pressure. There are figures of people, animals or commodities in the image, and the result can be created by blister. Good publicity results.