What is the external structure and working principle of the Illuminated sign?


  The Illuminated sign is a hard film board coated […]


The Illuminated sign is a hard film board coated with a new luminous material on the surface. It is a low-level display light source board. The Illuminated sign not only has the indication function of an ordinary sign, but also has an excellent emergency self-luminous function.


External structure


It consists of three parts: monocrystalline silicon solar panel, LED circuit reflective sign board, and power program control box.


working principle


1. The monocrystalline silicon solar panel converts the sun's light energy into electric energy during the day to charge and store the power program control box, and the battery discharges to the LED circuit sign board at night to ensure that the sign board surface is illuminated.


2. The power program control box is equipped with overcharge and overdischarge protection devices, and has a power memory function. When the voltage is insufficient, it can automatically adjust the light-emitting mode to intermittent stroboscopic to save power and ensure longer-term continuous work.


3. Using the most advanced solar circuit voltage drop technology, stop power supply to the LED circuit sign board under the light state, and turn on the LED circuit sign board circuit to work normally in the dark state.