What is the role of the tourist attraction sign?


1. The floor plan of the scenic spot This is equivalent […]

1. The floor plan of the scenic spot
This is equivalent to a reduced map of the environmental structure of the scenic spot. Through this logo, we can quickly understand the composition of each area in the scenic spot, understand some important scenic spots, their location, and the location of service facilities, and customize the tourist route according to the plan in the map. , There are complaints, rescue calls, etc.

2. Description of the scenic area
This is to divide a larger scenic spot into several areas, and then introduce it in detail based on the information in a certain area. Of course, the introduction is also more detailed, and will tell you the detailed location of the scenic spot, service facilities, and leisure area.

3. The scenic spot guide sign
This is the largest and most widely distributed sign in the scenic spot. It guides tourists at various traffic nodes. Otherwise, it is impossible to grasp their position only through the memory of the regional map.

4. The scenic area introduction and commentary card
That is to say, the introduction of the background culture of the scenic spot, the language is easy to understand, can highlight the theme, and introduce the scenic facilities in detail, so that people can enrich their experience while traveling. Such signs should also pay attention to the translation, which is more helpful to understand Chinese culture Foreign tourists. Different scenic spots need to highlight different themes. For example, geological scenic spots should introduce geomorphic features. The plant scenic spot introduces the characteristics and cherishment of vegetation. The Lake Scenic Area introduces the area of ​​the lake and how it was formed.